Jewellery Care Tips

Jewellery care tips

Gold plated pieces of jewellery are a great alternative for real gold. Aside from its affordability, it also comes in a variety of styles and designs. If you are worried that it may wear off.
Follow these simple steps:
  • Remove jewellery before swimming or exercising – Your sweat creates a chemical reaction to gold plated jewellery just like perfume, chlorine, and nail polish.
  • Put on gold plated jewellery after cosmetics have been absorbed – Wait a minute or two to put on your jewellery so you can be sure that your cream or liquid makeup has dried completely. Personal care products such as lotion or cosmetics can blemish your jewellery if they come in contact with it while wet.
  • Do not spray perfume on gold plated jewellery – If you use perfume or cologne on a regular basis, spray it on your body before you put on your jewellery. Perfume and other sprays may contaminate the metal of the jewellery, making it looked blemished or stained.
  • Clean your gold plated jewellery – To clean your gold plated jewellery, mix a few drops of mild dishwashing detergent with warm water. Rinse your gold plated jewellery in the solution and allow it to air dry.
  • Buff gold plated jewellery with a microfiber or lint cloth – After washing and drying your gold plated jewellery, buff it with a lint or microfibre cloth.
  • Keep gold plated jewellery in a plastic bag – When not using your gold plated jewellery, put it in a plastic bag, remove the excess air by squeezing it, and seal it. The lack of oxygen in the bag will help keep the gold plated jewellery bright and shiny. Put only one piece of jewellery per plastic bag to avoid scratching.
To keep your gold plated jewellery bright and unblemished, remember to follow the simple steps outlined above. By doing this, you can have beautiful, vibrant jewellery for years to come.