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https://www.bookstime.com/ focuses on e-commerce accounting services. We combine e-commerce-specialized accountants, processes, and technology to provide a solution that matures and advances your business.

Find the most crucial people you need to bring your product to with our advanced search features and then immediately take action, leaving your competition in the dust. When you work with LedgerGurus, you aren’t just getting an accountant or bookkeeper, you are getting an entire team of experts. With years of varying business experience, we can provide you a team that is the right fit for your company and your financial needs. Don’t miss out on having your company listed on the world’s only case study discovery platform for B2B business software & services.


Small and medium-sized businesses hire us to become the accounting department or to work with their existing finance team. We provide each client with an accounting team to do bookkeeping, payroll, invoicing, bill payments, budgeting, financial analysis, advisory services and more. LedgerGurus provides a team of expert bookkeepers, controllers, and chief financial officers to help small businesses increase revenues and profits. The company offers bookkeeping, payroll, invoicing, bill payments, budgeting, cash flow planning, tax preparation, and financial analysis and recommendations. In addition, LedgerGurus offers specialized services tailored to the needs of ecommerce businesses.

The salary paid can be different for the same position in LedgerGurus based on experience, skills, and education. As a remote Sales Administrative Assistant, you are a main part of our Growth Team.


Crossbeam is a partner ecosystem platform that helps companies build more valuable partnerships. We act as an escrow service for data, allowing companies to securely and confidently find overlapping customers and prospects with their partners. Join The Ecommerce Insider to receive a monthly roundup of all things ecommerce, accounting, and ecommerce accounting. We used LedgerGurus to help setup QB and connect it to Shopify. I spent 10+ hours trying to set this up originally and I wish I would’ve hired LedgerGurus sooner.

Now is the time for business owners and leaders to tap into the grit that has brought them to this point. If businesses are strategic during this pandemic, there are still opportunities to come out of this stronger. Check out LedgerGurus job postings to help you identify how fast LedgerGurus is growing, and determine how their purchase behavior is going to change over the next few weeks. Sovos Compliance provides solutions to help businesses meet the demands of their tax, comp… Here are some companies in the same or similar industry as Ledgergurus.

Ledgergurus Senior Bookkeeper

She’s an expert in US tax, specifically in sales tax, and she loves working with small business owners. Kexin lives in Lehi Utah with her husband and 3 kids. How is this different from getting all this info off the internet for free?

There comes a time in every business owner’s career when they realize that simple bookkeeping is no longer cutting it and they need the skills of an accountant. They need someone who can see the big financial picture, engineer a flow, deal with a crisis in foresight, and help a company expand. But accountants are expensive and hiring one full-time can bust a small business’s budget. Plus, few small businesses have enough work to occupy an accountant full time, and end up overpaying accountants for simple bookkeeping tasks. Provide accounting support on a part-time basis and in a remote capacity.

Sales Tax Roadmap For Online Sellers

You’ll have 365-day access to all the videos and materials, so you can come back and re-watch anything you want for a year, if you find you need a refresher later. The course is designed to be one module per week over 6 weeks. However, if you are the “Netflix binge-watching” type, feel free to go as fast as you want. You can go at your own pace and you’ll have access for a year to all the materials. This allows you to choose what is the best fit for your business. Did you apply to this job If so, please click “Applied for Job” to save it to your “Application History” page. If not, click on “Did Not Apply” to return to the job post.

Contact us today for pricing options to add your case studies to the B2B solutions & services platform. ADP Streamline offers a complete multi-country payroll and HR services solution, provided … ADP Payroll offers payroll processing solutions for businesses. The average hourly pay rate of Ledgergurus is $2,329 in the United States.

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So in the past the choice has been to go broke keeping an accountant on payroll, or wing it and try to do your own accounting. And Brittany Brown, founder and CEO of LedgerGurus, saw an opportunity to provide a better solution. This summary profile is not an official statement or endorsed by the company above.


How to pull the sales data from your channels, organize it appropriately, and remit sales tax to the states. Senior Bookkeeper is needed for a full-time remote role. Candidate will communicate accurate information to the client and will troubleshoot any problems that arise. Must meet deliverables deadlines for all assigned clients. I am actually hoping to have some time in the near future to continue in the ROI program and take the Certified Remote Work Leader course. I feel like it could benefit me as I move up in my career. I had applied for the job I currently hold more than a year ago, but it didn’t work out.

Sales Administrative Assistant

Assist clients, create reports, conduct analysis, and provide information. Must have experience with Excel and preferably QuickBooks online. The candidate will meet deliverable deadlines for all assigned clients. Must educate clients on specific accounting functions and processes. Will adhere to deadlines, provide education, communicate with clients and find solutions. Bachelor’s degree preferred and 2+ years’ related office experience required.


You will find the right job for you if you stick with it.” We have rave reviews from our clients, an internal structure that lends itself to rapid innovation and we are industry leaders in providing education and content to the space. Our process and service are flexibly structured in order to accommodate your specific needs.

Ledgergurus’s Partnership Ecosystem

The sr. bookkeeper will respond to client inquiries, complete timely deliverables, support process improvement, & help develop training for team members. Two years’ professional experience in an office is expected of candidates. Responsibilities include responding to client requests, developing custom analyses & reports, & helping improve processes. Two years’ work experience in an office environment is required. Will respond to inquiries, reconcile accounts, download reports, meet deliverables and develop processes. Bachelor’s degree preferred and 2+ years’ related experience required.

Cpa & Head Of Sales Tax Research & Consulting For Ledgergurus

Two years of professional office experience and 45 WPM typing speed required. Full-time, remote accounting manager will train and oversee a team of bookkeepers, prepare and discuss client financials on a monthly basis, and look over bookkeeper work. Must have a bachelor’s degree in Accounting or Finance.

Industry Codes

Experience and skills in the areas we need are ideal, but what we really want is someone who is committed, professional, technology-savvy, and constantly learning. We were not able to identify any remote tools used by LedgerGurus at the time of our research. How to register for sales tax permits, handle resale certificates, and properly setup your channels to collect sales tax.